Bark Collar on 8 Week Old Puppy
Bark Collar on 8 Week Old Puppy

Can You Use a Shock Collar on a Puppy?

The answer to the question is yes, anyway, I advise you do not.

Actually, it would be best if you exhausted all choices before resorting to using a shock collar with a puppy.

See, if your abuse the shock collar, your pet could grow up anxious and stressed.

Let’s face it. There are excellent choices accessible for training a puppy.

After all, positive reinforcement cannot traumatize a puppy, but a shock collar can.

It is essential to find another type of training that jobs best with your new puppy in light of this.

What Age Can You Start Using a Shock Collar?

Around eight to ten weeks is the time the use of a shock collar becomes a choice.

Mainly, the shock collar accessible useable at this age are the anti-bark range.

These collars deliver a little shock when your puppy starts to bark. Their objective is to stop your pet from barking.

Definitely, a shock collar will perfectly stop your puppy from barking. As mentioned above, the consequences of using a shock collar are not valuing a bark-free home.

You do not want a new puppy in continuous fear of doing something that comes naturally to them.

If you need to lessen your puppy’s barking tendencies, there are safer and less damaging ways of curving this behavior.

Do not pay focus to their barking.

Puppies thrive on your focus. Barking is a way to grab their owners’ focus.

If you ignore them, you do not offer them the reward. The reward is you noticing them.

So, to stop them from barking, refuse to acknowledge their presence until they settle down.

Do not talk, pet, or even look at your puppy until the barking stops.

Then, offer them a treat. This right reinforcement will convey to them that barking is not a praiseworthy behavior.

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