GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep
GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep

The GoodBoy Dog bark collar fits miniature and toy breed dogs six pounds in weight.

It is tiny, lightweight, and relaxing for the itty bitty furball in your life who needs to learn to be silent.

This little dog vibration training collar also has beeping modes to train out destructive behaviors.

Some people want a collar that does not have a shock spec to stop accidental shocks. This is a remarkable feature that works right and is affordable in price.

This vibration collar is tiny, both in thickness and circumference. The collar can fit dogs as little as five to fifteen pounds. Additionally, the training collar is skinny to avoid rubbing or making your pet uncomfortable.

There are nine intensity levels for the vibration spec and one for lights. The range is one-thousand feet, perfect for training even when you are far away from your pet.

The battery lasts up to sixteen hours on one charge, so you would not hesitate to charge it every night. You should consider this option if you are looking for a vibration-training collar for your little pet.

Features GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep

The collar adjusts from five inches to nineteen inches.

A module is an anti-barking gadget that does not shock the dog and contains prolongs.

The module also has structural upgrades on the gadget’s back for better stability.

It stays in a single place on your dog’s neck, against the vocal cords.

It needs to be there to detect when your Pet barks.

The microchip has improved to detect a bark better and eliminate random triggers from other pets.

Other specs contain a weatherproof design made from a powerful piece of durable plastic.

The collar is also rechargeable, with a cable added to the package.

GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep
GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep

Table of Contents

Little and safe

This collar is as safe and lightweight as possible for little dogs while maintaining all necessary features.

Even five lb pets can wear this collar comfortably without feeling weighted down. Due to its miniature size and the removal of the shock spec, we cannot promise that this collar is successful on very stubborn pets or dogs over 15 lbs.

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All the training modes and specs you need

This collar has one intensity level for sound and nine for vibration mode.

The remote works up to a range of one-thousand feet, making it best for indoor or outdoor activities, and it can control up to 2 extra collars sold separately.

Linking a second collar to the remote is simple with just a single button press.

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Long-standing battery life

This collar uses the new lithium battery technology, offering battery life that lasts for an entire week.

The battery can give up to sixteen hours of continuous corrections with one charge.

The collar also has a battery-saving standby mode that is activated after five minutes of inactivity.

A complete dog training guide

Our collar comes with a step-by-step training guide describing using GoodBoy mini remote collar efficiently and safely.

This booklet teaches fifteen vital commands and provides insight into understanding your pets. Body language leads to the top way to deal with stubborn dogs.

The good boy bark collar manual also contains tips for ensuring the training sticks to ensure you get the top outcomes.

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The advantages of training collars

When pet owners view the words “training collar,” they mechanically picture old-school shock collars. Thanks to their history, these tools have a bit of a sordid status.

Anyway, modern-day training collars provide many benefits. The first is a direct technique of correction. When your pet is not following commands or does not do something it is supposed to do, what do you do?

Possibly, you scold them or offer them a light tap to capture their focus.

When you do this, you show your pet that what they are doing is terrible. It pulls their attention and directs it towards you. That direct stimulation is quick and helpful. Your dog has to know that its behaviors are destructive. Otherwise, they will continue to do them.

Collars pull focus in seconds. Anyway, they do not alarm pups as much as shock collars. They are pretty shocking but not painful.

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Train hearing-impaired dogs

Training collars are helpful if you have a deaf or hearing-impaired pet. Handicapable dogs will deserve the possibility to run free. They need exercise and outside playtime all the same. The issue is, anyway, planning for the unpredictable.

Hearing-impaired dogs are not capable of responding to verbal commands. They must make an eye link with you. But grabbing their focus is not a simple job if they are in the center of the play.

Correct from a distance

Another huge perk of a training collar is the capability to right from a distance. It beats yelling and generally has a more meaningful impact. With a critical push, you can deliver the stimulation to the correct behavior from several 100 feet away. Some models come with remote controllers.

If you do not have a training collar, you must run to your pet or wait until they come to you with the correct behavior.

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Things to look for

Picking your pet’s training collar is not a decision you should rush. The standard of the accessory will impact its work and total safety. In addition to the type of correction it offers, here are some vital considerations.

Adjustable modes of operation

How much correction does your pet need? There is something that lots of dog owners fail to think about. Not all dogs need a powerful vibration alert or a hefty spritz of citronella to the face! Some pets will react well to light stimulation.

Begin little and light. Then, work your way up to powerful stimulations. It is forever the best idea to pick a collar with adjustable settings that cater to your pups’ needs.

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Comfort is a top priority. Just because the no-shock collar has some right action does not mean it needs to be uncomfortable to wear.

Most no-shock collars have a control box. These boxes are notorious for weighing the collar down and including a ton of bulk. Look for adjustable sizing, perfect materials, and an utterly lightweight design.

Remote control function or mechanical operation

Earlier, we mentioned that some collars have a remote control feature. These little handheld accessories are a must-have.

Training collars are not like invisible fencing. They are not clever enough to determine when your pet dug via your flowers or ran into issues. You have to take the reins.

Remote control will let you proper behavior from several 100 feet away. They are battery-run and straightforward to use. Some will even have a chill warning spec, which offers an audible without spritz or vibration.

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What we like

This collar has the best and most eye-catching, durable design.

The vibration and sensor module is made from a powerful piece of durable plastic, and the collar has an adjustable strap made from premium-grade nylon.

It is also lightweight so that pretty dogs can wear it without neck strain.

What we do not like

You must take the collar off your pet first to change the stimulation power and then press the stimulation modes.

GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep
GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep


Little and lightweight

The collar is as light as possible and has all the necessary functionality.

The adjustable collar length makes it perfect for dogs of all sizes.

Even eight lb pets can wear this collar happily without feeling the weight of their neck.

GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar fits simply in your pocket like a mobile phone.

Charming and simple design

No excessive settings and buttons. A large show with clear symbols makes it simple to view the selected mode.

You can fast jump between different training modes and correction power levels.

The modern and sleek remote with a velvety matte finish feels best to the touch, in contrast to the affordable plastic primarily used in these products.

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GoodBoy Mini Pet Remote Collar Tutorial

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Long-lasting battery life GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar

This gadget employs new lithium battery technology, offering prolonged battery life.

With a single charge, the battery offers sixteen hours value of continuous shock correction.

Gathered with the standby mode (activated after five minutes of dogs inactivity) leads to a battery life measured in months.

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GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar for Dogs with Beep and Vibration Modes for Pet Behaviour Training - Waterproof & 1000 Feet Range - Suitable for Extra Small to Medium Dogs (5-15 lbs)

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