WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar
WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar

My today’s review model for training shock collar is WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar.

It is a superb fence from WIEZ that comes packing 2.4 GHz wireless features to protect properties with a distance range of 100ft.

Features WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar

Unlike most of the opponents, you can switch from containment training to every purpose of dog training by switching modes.

The WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar servers as a static warning collar with six levels of correction so you can train your pet when it comes to general behavior or backing also teaching him to respect limits!

The wireless fence has a solid range of up to a hundred feet so it is fit for most average sized properties and provides you, furry friend, ample room to room.

Unique switch modes and you will get up to 330 yards of range with dog training collar so you can utilize this when you head out to the park of the campsite and hold an unruly pet in check.

WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar
WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar

In its shock modes, the WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar provide an electric shock of 3.7 Volts within the safe voltage and works of five seconds, your pet will fee a very mild pain.

The receiver is an IP65 rating against dust and IPX7 water-resistant and can be utilized safely in the rain as well as wet environments.

Charging is brisk with the dog receiver charging up to two or three hours.

The transmitter needs a bit longer but five hours are sufficient to deliver a complete burst of charge. You will get indicator lights to notify you when it is time to juice up.

The WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar is designed to fit dogs with neck sizes from 8” to 21”.

Weight wise it is excellent for dogs as light as ten pounds or as heavy as 120 pounds so you have got a significant amount of flexibility here.

For a solid dual-purpose dog training and containment system, put your trust in the WIEX brand and watch your pet start behaving more accurately across the board.


How to match extra collars with transmitter:

1st, Turn on both transmitter and receiver. 2nd, Press and hold the “MODE” button of the transmitter.

The number on the LED screen will blink and the receiver light will flash and make a beeping sound. 3rd, Select 002 (or 003), then press and hold the power button of the receiver until you hear one short beep. 4th, Figure 002(or 003)on transmitter LED screen and the receiver light will stop flashing.

This indicates that the pairing has been completed.

After pairing in dog training mode

the numbers 001,002,003 correspond to different dogs respectively.

You can do targeted training without taking off the collar receivers of other dogs. For example, if you are training dog number 002, switch to number 002, where neither the 001 nor the 003 collar receivers will work.

The transmitter of the 2-in1 version can control up to three dogs at the same time.

You can choose to buy one or two additional collar receivers according to the number of dogs in your home.



  • 2.4 GHz signal that would not let you down
  • Water-resistant
  • Three modes
  • Decent battery life


  • Some issues with the range

Final words WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar

The WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar has all the essential features you would want in a best dog shock collar, and most dog owners were happy with the purchase.

It’s not the most affordable option on the market, but it’s still priced very reasonably.


1. Train your dog with this product several times before normal use, and do not use it for more than 4 hours the first time. Do not put the collar on the dog for more than 10 hours a day during normal use.

2. Dogs have an adaptation period of usually 7 to 10 days. Please training your dog well before use Fence Mode, otherwise dog may run away as it doesn’t know the meaning of Beeping and Shock.

3. There should not be any object barrier between the transmitter and the receiver collar, such as a wall. The transmitter should be placed outside of your house in an open area. Otherwise, the collar will beep and switch to working mode until it receives normal signal.

4. Collar reminds dog to return safe zone by 32 seconds Beeping + Shock and 4 minutes Beeping in Fence Mode, collar will enter Standby mode and stop reminding after that in order to protect dogs, no matter it goes back or not.

5. One transmitter can work for up to three collars and can control each dog separately. Train one dog while the other two dogs rest. A dog who runs away will be reminded of the fence while the other dogs who stay will not.

WIEZ 2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence & Dog Training System

WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar

Main Features and the Usage

1. 2-in-1 function; LED display, pet wireless fence and remote control, sound vibration shock trainer.

2. The LED displays 5 different control radius distances—30 files = 30 meters(radius), 60 files = 60 meters(radius), 90 files = 90 meters(radius), 150 files = 150 meters(radius), 300 files = 300 meters(radius).

3. In Fence Mode:

(1) Turn on the default enclosure mode and put the collar on the dog. Place or hang the launcher in an open place and use “+” and “-” to change the range. Centered around the transmitter, the remote control can reach a radius of up to 984 ft. (300 m) and cover up to 70 acres. The receiver collar is constructed with waterproof design for outdoor use of any weather condition.

(2) When your dog goes beyond the boundary, the receiver collar sounds a warning for 5 seconds. If the dog doesn’t return to the fence after 5 seconds, it will be simultaneously warned and shocked for 6 seconds. If the dog still doesn’t return, the receiver collar warns it with a sound, not an electric shock for the safety of the dog. If the dog stops moving outside the set range for more than 5 minutes, the receiver stops making sounds and goes into standby mode. Work mode is restarted when the dog is reactivated.

4. Dog Training Mode:

(1) Press the “mode” key to switch mode, and the score sheet 001,002,003 represents three receivers. (This product is a one dog system, so just select 001.) The remote control of the dog trainer can reach about 984 ft. as the crow flies.

(2) You have three button selections of “sound,” “vibration,” and “electrostatic prompt.” Each function has 1 to 6 levels of adjustable intensity. The lower number means a shorter time, and the larger number means a longer time. The modes are adjusted with “+” and “-“.

(3) The intensity of each function remains the same as the previous operation. For example, if you set the sound function to six, the intensity of the sound function will remain six after shutdown and restart of the product. If you need to change the intensity, press the “+” or “-” button.

WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless and Training Collar

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