Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar
Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar

If you want to break Pet Safe’s stranglehold, Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar is a budget-friendly option worth your attention.

You will be all set regardless of your pet if he hits the 8lbs mark.

Features Downtown Citronella Spray Collar

Slip on the collar with its lightweight spray device, and you are ready to go.

When the collar recognizes your pet is barking excessively, he will receive a metered citronella spray on the snout.

If he is anything like other canines, that’d be enough to bring him into the right line.

If not, he will get another hit! Unlike static correction, spray dog bark collars are humane but typically efficient.

You can tweak the bark collar to fit your furball like a glove.

As with every training dog collar, you’d frequently check the skin around your pet’s neck to ensure he is not showing any irritation after wearing the device.

The single real problem with this Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar is one you would expect at this price tag: durability could be better.

That aside, you will get a compact, light, and humane training solution at a price you love.

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Table of Contents

Reasons to buy Citronella Spray Collar

All you need is thrown into the training function.

It is completely adjustable and will help every dog from 8lbs and up.

It is a fully humane solution with no static shock at all.

A lightweight and comfortable dog bark collar will help your pup not feel fatigued.

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Reasons not to buy

Sixty days warrant she is weak. Some Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Collar buyers complain about build quality issues developing over time.

Final verdict

While you would not get the Pet Safe brand heritage, this dog bark collar is a cost-efficient option on your shortlist.

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Dog Collars Downtown Pet Supply // Top 10 Most Popular

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What makes Downtown Pet Supply stand out in the market?

Reasons why Downtown Pet Supply is the go-to for pet owners

Regarding pet care, Downtown Pet Supply is renowned for its exceptional range of products and top-notch customer service. Pet owners choose Downtown Pet Supply because they can rely on the company to provide the best for their furry friends. Whether you need bully sticks, chews, or treats, Downtown Pet Supply has you covered.

Critical features of Downtown Pet Supply products

The variety of products offered at Downtown Pet Supply sets them apart from the competition. From low-odor bully sticks to natural Himalayan yak chews, each item is carefully selected to ensure the best for your beloved dog. The quality and care that go into each product demonstrate Downtown Pet Supply’s commitment to providing top-tier pet supplies.

How do you choose the right products from Downtown Pet Supply for your dog?

Factors to consider when selecting dog products at downtown pet supply

When shopping for your dog at Downtown Pet Supply, it’s essential to consider size, quality, and nutritional value. By understanding your dog‘s needs and preferences, you can decide which products best suit them.

Understanding the different types of bully sticks offered by downtown pet supply

Downtown Pet Supply offers a wide range of bully sticks for dogs, each catering to various preferences and requirements. Whether you want a specific size, flavor, or texture, Downtown Pet Supply has the perfect bully stick for your beloved pet.

Treat options for dogs at Downtown Pet Supply.

Regarding dog treats, Downtown Pet Supply offers extensive options to please even the pickiest of eaters. From natural yak chews to delicious bully sticks, your dog will be delighted with the treats from Downtown Pet Supply.

What are some popular products available at Downtown Pet Supply?

The low-odor bully sticks for dogs at the downtown pet supply

Low-odor bully sticks are a top choice among pet owners who get their pet supplies from downtown Pet Supply. These bully sticks are free from unpleasant smells and provide hours of chewing enjoyment for dogs of all sizes.

Exploring the natural Himalayan yak chews for your pet

Natural Himalayan yak chews are a new and innovative chew option for dogs and are available at Downtown Pet Supply. These chews are made from high-quality ingredients designed to promote dental health while providing a satisfying chewing experience.

Benefits of the downtown pet supply 24-inch bully sticks

The 24-inch bully sticks from Downtown Pet Supply are popular among pet owners looking to buy long-lasting, durable dog treats. These bully sticks keep your dog entertained and promote dental hygiene and healthy chewing habits.

How does Downtown Pet Supply ensure quality and care for pets?

The importance of providing high-quality food options at downtown pet supply

At Downtown Pet Supply, pet care is a top priority. That’s why the company ensures that all food options available meet high-quality standards and are packed with essential nutrients to keep your pet healthy and happy.

How downtown pet supply promotes dental health with its chew products

Downtown Pet Supply understands the importance of dental health for dogs. That’s why their chew products, such as bully sticks and yak chews, are designed to provide entertainment and help maintain clean and healthy teeth for your pet.

Ensuring pet safety with the durable bully sticks for dogs at downtown pet supply

When you shop for downtown pet supply products, you can rest assured that pet safety is a top priority. The durable bully sticks from Downtown Pet Supply are carefully tested to ensure they are safe for your dog to chew on without any worries.

Where can you find more information about Downtown Pet Supply and its offerings?

I am accessing detailed product descriptions and videos on downtown pet supply.

For more information about Downtown Pet Supply and its wide range of products, visit their website, Here, you can search for detailed information, watch videos showcasing their products, and learn everything you need before purchasing.

Exploring the range of cat care products at Downtown Pet Supply

In addition to dog care products, Downtown Pet Supply also offers an extensive range of cat care products. Downtown Pet Supply has everything you need to keep your cat happy and healthy, from food to toys.

Stay updated on the latest offerings and deals from downtown pet supply

Regularly return to their website to stay in the loop about the latest offerings and deals from Downtown Pet Supply. You can see new products by checking back often and taking advantage of special savings on your favorite pet supplies.

Downtown Pet Supply Citronella No Bark Automatic Spray, Humane No Shock Collar, Anti-bark with Advanced Bark Detection (Excludes Citronella Spray Can)

$27.99  in stock
3 new from $27.99
Free shipping
as of June 12, 2024 11:55 am

No Bark Collar Citronella Spray Collar, Anti-Bark Deterrent for Dogs Kit - Safe, Effective, and Humane Dog Barking Control Collar (1 PK)

$37.49  in stock
3 new from $37.49
as of June 12, 2024 11:55 am

Rechargeable Citronella Anti-Bark No Shock Safe & Humane No Barking Water Resistant Dog Training Collar for Small, Medium, and Large Pets (Collar & Citronella)

$37.99  in stock
as of June 12, 2024 11:55 am

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Pet Waste Poop Bags with 2 Leash Clips and Dispensers (1000 Bags, Rainbow of Colors)

$23.99  in stock
2 new from $23.99
Free shipping
as of June 12, 2024 11:55 am

Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Adjustable Prong Training Collar with Quick Release, No-Choke Pinch Collar is Safe and Effective, Chrome-Plated for Maximum Strength, Will Not Rust or Break (Nylon, Small)

$13.99  in stock
3 new from $13.99
Free shipping
as of June 12, 2024 11:55 am

Dog/Puppy Obedience Long Recall Training Agility Lead Leash - Perfect for Pet Behavior Training, Multiple Sizes (50 ft, Pink)

$15.99  in stock
2 new from $15.99
Free shipping
as of June 12, 2024 11:55 am

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Training Waterproof E Bark Collar with Rechargeable Remote with Beep/Vibration/Electric Shock Modes for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

 out of stock

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