ELECANE Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable
ELECANE Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable

The ELECANE dog bark collar has the specs we love in a vibrating collar, but this one has five colorful faceplates to match your pup’s personality.

This kit will get the faceplates and bark collar, a charging cable, and a bonus e-book.

The Elecane collar can train your pet in a few days. There is no need for shock technology that scares the pet and makes it even more dynamic than earlier.

Safe vibration work successfully and fast. When the dog begins barking, the device prevents this bad habit mechanically, even if you are far away from your puppy.

With the new chip, there would not be any bad triggers. It activates throat vibrations that save the dog from unnecessary stress. I mean, if another dog barks near your puppy, the collar would not respond to it. Besides, snow, water, and mud would not destroy the collar – you may use it indoors and outdoors.

If your pet likes long walks, this model will fit you. There is no need for battery change – it can be charged with the USB within 1.5 hours and will job for two weeks.

When your pet stops barking all the time, you may use a collar just for training or walks. Usually, after nine days, the right behaviorism and dog training, in simple words, Elecane collar fits little dogs rightly.

Features ELECANE Small Dog Bark Collar 

You will get the proper education on vibrating collars with your product.

The collar fits dogs with a neck size between six inches and twenty-four inches.

The vibrating module is a hundred percent humane, with no mechanical shocks or spiky prongs that might irritate a little puppy.

The chip inside the module is better to deter false triggers from other pets. Throat vibrations instead of barking sounds activate the vibration sensation.

The ELECANE collar is rechargeable with a USB cable plugs into your PC or outlet adapter.

It is also waterproof for unrestricted use.

ELECANE Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable
ELECANE Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable

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The face is that colorful part on the receiver front.

We give this spec a special mention because Elecane offers this in five different colors per Elecane small dog bark collar.

This is sure to provide the Elecane small dog bark collar a fresh look every once in a while. The different colors contain blue, pink, blue, and green.

Collar strap

This collar comes with a nylon collar strap. The strap is strong enough for the size that it is advised for.

Now, on the one hand, the collar receiver is rainproof.

It can be worn under light rain and maybe in water splashes. Anyway, it cannot be submerged.

The collar adjusts between six and twenty-four inches, and you will do that using the tri-glide.

The tri-glide is plastic and is simple enough to manage.

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Charging cable

The Elecane small dog bark collar appears with its charging cable that can be plugged into basically any item that has a USB drive.

And definitely, you cannot be charging this collar while your pet is wearing it.


You get a free training e-book when buying the Elecane small dog bark collar.

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Is it user-friendly?

Although it would have been excellent, we have to admit that the collar is simple to use.

The off/on the key is very clear, and the same goes for the navigation buttons.

Anyway, we advise that you keep your veterinarian or personal dog trainer in the loop of things.

They are experts, and you are probably not.

So, ensure they are OK with it before you go ahead and get it.

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What is added?

A few things are added when you buy the Elecane dog bark collar. You get the vibration box with the prongs, plus you obtain the collar itself, which is made pretty durable. What is also remarkable is that you get five colored faceplates that you can swap out.

They are bright and straightforward to use. Additionally, here you also get a training book or instruction manual. You also get the charging cable, but always be alert that it does not come with the wall plug for charging.

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Advantages of Elecane small dog bark collar

The elecane dog bark collar is a pretty perfect choice to bear in mind for a range of reasons. No doubt, this is a human option to go with, one that does not use shocks to suitable barking. Instead, it uses a series of vibrations to alert your pet that it should stop barking.

It has seven correction levels, with the first one being a simple alert. The pulse will rise in intensity and frequency until the dog stops barking. It truly does not get any easier than that. It is humane, would not injure your dog, and is shown to work.

You might also love the Elecane dog bark collar because it comes with a long and durable rechargeable battery. It should last for at least a few days, but it depends on the frequency it is activated. To charge it, plug it in using the added USB charging cable. The setting takes a couple of hours.

Additionally, the Elecane dog bark collar is made to be pretty durable. It comes with a completely adjustable collar that fits dogs with neck sizes between six and twenty-four inches, which should fit most small and medium-sized dogs.

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The elecane dog bark collar is straightforward to use. There is not much to it. First, just fit the collar around the neck of your little dog, ensuring that it is pretty tight but not too tight.

Then when the Elecane dog bark collar is ultimately charged, turn it on. When your dog barks, it will right it using those vibrations. It will keep rising in frequency until the dog prevents barking. For more detail, we would advise reading the included instruction manual.

Small tips for dog’s training

How long should my pet wear a bark collar?

The time your pet learns not to bark depends on your pet’s habits and character. It is excellent to wear a collar almost everywhere for the first two weeks.

After that, your dog will know that it should be silent even without a gadget. When it happens, you may use a collar just for walking or training.

Also, if your dog loves to bark at night, then wear a bark collar in the evening, or on the contrary, if your pet is more active at day, use a product during this time.

Can you put a bark collar on a puppy?

If you pick one of the safe bark collars, you can put it on any puppy without any issue. It is even excellent to train your dog when it is younger. In this case, it will learn much quicker and will not repeat the negative habits when growing up.

Do not hesitate – your puppy will still be active. But with a bark collar, it will become extra disciplined.

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Is it safe to leave my little dog unattended with a no-bark collar?

The anti-bark collars work mechanically. Even when you are far away from the house and your pet begins barking, the device provides the required measures.

The only thing you need to perform is to charge the collar. If you are hesitant about your dog, you may buy a gadget that has a remote, so you can turn it off wherever you want.

Is a static shock collar safe for my little dogs?

Static shock collars are not highly famous now. Generally, they do not harm a dog, but still, they make them feel a pretty pain that is not forever best for home pets.

Such a collar works rightly for some little dogs, but I advise you pick a safer one. Some breeds may become even more violent. Or in another way, the dog will be worried about punishment, and its activity will be deficient.

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What’s inside the box ELECANE DC-655V

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End words

All in all, the Elecane dog bark collar is an option that we would advise if you have a little dog that would not prevent barking at all hours of the night and day.

It does not cost too much yet manages to bring a different level of durability to the table.

It is fully rechargeable, it would not hurt your pet, and when it comes to preventing all of that noise, it should, by all means, do the trick just perfect.

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