Pawious Bark Collar for Small Dogs
Pawious Bark Collar for Small Dogs

This is the latest dog training collar that comes with remote control for easy use from long distances.

It made with premium standard materials and will make long-distance colorful of up to 1600fts.

The cog color comes with a considerable LCD controller that will permit you to command your dog fast and timely and react with beeps and vibrations for various commands.

The collar receiver is waterproof and the pet can wear it when bathing and swimming.

Other than that, the color is ultra-durable and promise you safe usage for lots of years to come.

The receiver and remote are rechargeable and will run for a long time before they run out of power.

Pawious Bark Collar for Small Dogs
Pawious Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Features Pawious Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Dog safety is guaranteed

This anti-bark collar is made to keep our dogs secure. It is non-shock and has no prongs, the right collar we were looking for.

The collar just activates when my dog barns and ignores the barking of other pets or any nearby sounds.

It is just activated by throat vibrations and has seven progressive levels of vibration and sound. It is 100 percent safe.


The top thing about Pawious anti-bark collar is that it is waterproof.

Not just the collar will work on hot days, but it can also be used in weather situations.

Stylish accessory

Four different color faceplates for dog barking collar, including pink, blue, green and black, can be replaced to your preferences or dog color or gender.

Rechargeable and rainproof

The anti-bark collar has a quick charging battery and power-saving sleep mode after one minute of no barking.

It can be used in wet weather or water games with your dog.


  • This little dog bark collar comes with four different color faceplates that permit you to pick the color fits the top to your dog or your mood.
  • No shock collar is rainproof which permits outside use in wet weather
  • The anti-shock collar is based on a smart technology that rejects barks from other dogs.
  • It has reflective straps that support you in finding the dog in the darkness.
    No shock collar is rainproof, which permits outside use in wet weather.
  • A perfect packaging permits you to use it as a gift for your neighbors who is dog drives you crazy.
  • Control on long distances from 1000ft to 1500 ft
  • Waterproof and rechargeable battery


  • Sometimes needs pairing
Last updated on March 1, 2021 3:14 am