E-Collar Educator Training
E-Collar Educator Training

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Mini Educator Dog Training e-Collar:

Mini educator dog training collar is effectually executed for remote dog training. This product has some peculiar features like 1/2 mile range, ergonomic design, night blue LCD,  shock resistance, floating transmitter, completely waterproof to 500, 2-hour quick charge, and many more novel features.

Furthermore, E-collar technologies authorize the user to customize the stimulations following their dog’s personality. The smaller mini educator dog collar transmitter is well suited for little hands and easy to carry anywhere.

The smaller 2.4-oz receiver provisioned several stimulations for dogs of size 5lbs and larger. Moreover, an alternative stimulation option comprises remote vibration training.

It can be appropriately used for two dogs’ systems by setting the night tracking light to flashing or solid. It shows efficacious resistance to electric shocks of 5000.

The mini educator dog collar will execute a smart, stubborn dog into a genius one. Also, customer satisfaction is our prime concern.

E-Collar Educator Training
E-Collar Educator Training

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Feature 1


Feature 2

Editor’s Rating


Bundle of 2 Items – E-Collar – ET-400 mini educator collar.

E-Collar - ET-400 mini educator collar
E-Collar – ET-400 mini educator collar








This training system has a 3/4 of a mile range and is fully waterproof with a remote float in the water. Both units have built-in rechargeable batteries, a lost transmitter beeper, and a remote-controlled night light. 4.8
Bundle of 2 Items – E-Collar – ET-300 mini educator training collar.

E-Collar Educator Training
E-Collar – ET-300 mini educator training collar







This bundle of e-collar technologies has up to half of a mile range and fully waterproof with a remote that will float on the water. Used with dogs that are 5lbs and larger, featuring 100 levels of stimulations. 4.3  



A rechargeable dog shock collar

E-Collar Educator Training
A rechargeable dog shock collar








3 training modes training collar offers three exceptionally efficient and safe training modes (beep, vibration, and shock modes). Provide safety to your dog from accidentally occurred shocks. 4.4
BRISON Dog Bark Collar

Educator E training dog collar








Slim shape and waterproof barking Shock are worthy of daily use when your dog can play in the rain or go into the puddle with no hazard of the collar being broken.  Bark collar has 3 modes and 7 sensitive levels – Beep, Vibration, and Shock ascending gradually promising best result. 4.6


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Mini Educator Dog Training Collar Reviews

Mini Educator E-Collar

This is a Mini educator E-collar by E-collar educator training designed for smaller dogs and time tested remote that takes the imaginary work out of your dog to listen and obey.

This e-collar technology is also designed to help you instruct your small, non-vigorous dogs in less time. This E-Collar technology has multiple styles, including Vibration and Tone.  This e-collar technology has 100-levels of static correction and boosts levels from 1-60 to assist in training that requires more stimulation.

Moreover, this E-Collar educator trainer is easy to read, easy to hold, and a breeze to use.

The Patented “lock and set” safety feature assigns you peace of mind, while the flush-mounted buttons keep crucial controls at your fingertips for quick response and rescue accidental shock.




E-Collar Educator Training
E-Collar – ET-300 mini educator training collar







• 1st Spec: One Waterproof Miniature Collar Receiver
• 2nd Spec: One Waterproof Miniature Floating Remote
• 3rd Spec: Two Sets of Contact Points (5/8 and 3/4 of an inch)
• 4th Spec: Contact Point Removal Tool
• 5th Spec: Dual Battery Charger
• 6th Spec: Owner’s Manual with Training Tips


Mini Educator e-Collar Highlights

  • This e-collar technology has an ergonomic lightweight design with an adjustable collar strap.
  • A modern innovative feature of e-collar educator ‘Lock and set’ assists 100 stimulations, having an electric receiver and ergonomic transmitter.
  • This e-collar technology is fully waterproof and furnished with a floating transmitter, also assembled with a remote night tracking light.
  • This e-collar educator gives a quick charge of 2 hours and long-lasting battery life.
  • This technology is largely assembled in the USA.

What Good I like

Some of my favorite features about this Educator mini collar include:

  • The lost remote transmitter function
  • The waterproof feature- not only does this feature make it possible to train dogs while swimming or enjoying other water activities, but it’s also great for protecting the system when training in wet weather conditions.
  • And, this e-collar educator is designed for those tiny pups as small as 5 pounds but can be used on large breeds as well.

What I don’t like

In evaluating this e-collar technology, I really couldn’t find much to complain about, but there is always room for improvement.

  • ½ mile range- While this range is suitable for dogs with limited space, like in-town dogs being trained as companions, those pet owners who live on a farm or prefer to allow their dog more room to roam might wish to consider a range of ¾  of a mile instead.



·         Lightweight

·         Adjustable collar

·         «Lock and Set» feature

·         Waterproof

·         Versatile in the training function


·         Range could be larger

·         Infrequent problems with charging



Shock-resistant Collar

This e-collar educator offers your pet an extra safety feature to secure your dog from accidental shocks with the help of a security keypad lock.

This versatile remote e-collar technology can control up to nine dogs with one transmitter at a time. This e-collar educator is perfectly designed and affordable to educate the dogs in daycare or kennel environment.

The long-range is appropriate for training hunting dogs or controlling multiple dogs at a dog park.


Editor Rating


Star rating: 4.4/5

Rechargeable dog shock collar
The rechargeable dog shock collar







· 1st Spec: 4 Training Modes: Shock/Vibration/Beep/Light

· 2nd Spec: 8 Adjustable levels of Vibration and Shock

· Range up to 1100 yards

· Spec 3: Rechargeable and Waterproof

· Power saving design with Movement Sensor

· Spec 4: Good for small and large dogs 10lbs and  larger

· Collar adjustable, suitable for different sizes of dogs (25cm – 55cm)



Dog shock collar highlights

  • This e-collar technology has a range of 1000ft and enables one to control 9 dogs with one transmitter at a time.
  • The shock-resistant e-collar educator has four modes of operation, shock, vibration, beep, and light.
  • And have the ability to customize shock levels to 0-99. This e-collar educator is 100% waterproof and has a packed lock set to rescue from accidental shocks.

Good What I Like

My favorite features of this e-collar educator are as follows;

  • The transmitter allows for 9 dogs training.
  • Long battery time.
  • 4 training modes: shock, vibration, beep, and light.
  • Security keypad lock to prevent accidental shock.
  • 100 static levels are easy to adjust.

What I Don’t Like

Recommended improvements for this e-collar technology are as follows;

  • Dog care recommends using the beep and vibration mode first and using the static shock mode only if your dog is unresponsive to the former modes.
  • Battery recharging and life issues
  • Your dog can be trained efficiently using beep, vibration, or static shock modes.
  • The remote has 9 channels maximum control.
  • The static shock simulation can be varied minutely.
  • The collar is rechargeable and lasts long.
  • It has a 950 feet range.
  • They have efficient customer services.


  • There is no off switch on the collar to preserve the battery.
  • The collar may not work for dogs having thick furs.
  • There might be a substantial delay between the button press and vibrate and shock features.




Barking control e-collar educator controls your dog’s unnecessary barking.

Mostly there is a microphone within the collar that detects skeptical activity such as barking or growling and acknowledges too that activity by taking a convincing action to avert it, inflicting a static electric shock, uttering an ultrasonic high pitch noise, or spraying a citrus-scented liquid.


BRISON Dog Bark Collar
BRISON Dog Bark Collar








Spec1: 5 Level of sensitivity available for all size dogs with different bark. Level 1 is the least sensitive. Level 5 is the most sensitive. (Small dog with small bark volume is suggested to use Level 5)

Spec2: Dual Working Modes:

–Beep  + Vibration

–Beep + Vibration + Shock

Spec3: Battery Capacity:480MA

Spec4: Use Time:10~15 days, based on use frequency



Barking Control Collar highlights

  • This e-collar educator has two modes of operation, beep and vibration.
  • Barking control e-collar technology is lightweight and small in size(less than 1.5oz), 100% waterproof collar.
  • This e-collar educator is effectively designed for dogs weighing 5lbs to 150lbs.

What I Like

Following are the features that made me fall for this e-collar educator;

  • Easily tweak these collars through 10 gradations of static correction.
  • Fully waterproofed collar ideal for all activities
  • Also, it works well for small or medium-sized dogs up to 55 pounds.
  • Two modes of training.

What I don’t Like

An area that should be improved;

  • Some fitment issues, so think closely about how resistant your dog is to wearing collars.
  • It doesn’t make such a good fit for longer-haired dogs.
·         Waterproof

·         Ten adjustable levels of stimulation

·         Stays charged for 200 hours

·         Three training modes

·         Filters out false corrections


It causes shocks to dogs.

It wouldn’t send an exact correction.



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Buyer’s Guide

There are many aspects that one should keep in mind before buying an e-collar technology. Most e-collar technologies look similar, and there is a similarity in their features, too, like; LCD screen display, remote, battery, and agronomic design.

So how can a buyer differentiate the best e-collar educator from the bunch of e-collar technologies?

These are some important features that should be considered for buying the best dog training educator collar.


Moreover, although size should be the most important consideration while purchasing an e-collar educator for your dog, every e-collar educator has a certain range for the dog’s size.

So it should be made sure that the actual size of the e-collar educator is following your dog’s neck before finalizing that e-collar technology. Don’t pick a large, heavy, and thick e-collar educator for your pet.

The comfortability of the dog about wearing an e-collar educator will assist you in the training process.


Manual control of the e-collar educator is another vital consideration for purchasing that e-collar technology. Each e-collar educator is assigned various ranges, and buyers should consider the range of areas they want to cover by this collar set.

Most of the trainers and dog owners are interested in purchasing an e-collar educator having transmitter and receiver. Hence, this set is useable within a specified range and causes issues if the dog goes out of range.

Modern e-collar technologies are more effective for use in the garden, park, and open areas due to their wide range of hundreds of yards.  Some e-collars educators have a range up to a mile long but should be consulted with the specialist.


The technology used for the e-collar educator is also a crucial factor for consideration. The technology used included different modes, stimulation levels, rechargeable batteries, LCD screens, safety protections, and more.

Some of the e-collar technologies are very useful for entertaining your dog like waterproof technology allows your dog to enjoy the rain, snow, or swimming in deep water.

Buyers also considered the lifetime of the battery and charging time of e-collar educators. An ideal educator collar should have long battery life, and even can run for seven days after charging one time. Also, E-collar technologies should have a low charging time of 3-4 hours.

Materials Used

Buyers should also consider the material of e-collar educator; durability, metallic strength, and fabric of the e-collar technology should also be considered.

One should always prefer a 100% waterproof version, which allows your dog to make fun of snow, rain, and even in water.

The success of the training session depends mainly on the construction of the e-collar educator. One should prefer ergonomic designs because they increased the training activities of your dog.


Cost is the biggest factor that should be considered as most of the collars are incredibly cheap, and some of the more expensive. Normally standard quality e-collar educator meets specific needs of the training can easily be available around 50$.

E-collar technologies that run above the average price have high-end features and are more effective and easier to use. Buyers should be considered quality over price.

Modern e-collar technologies have good quality with many innovative features.

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mini educator collar

How do dog training collars work?

Dog training e-collar educators are consist of two main devices: the remote transmitter and the electronic receiver.

The remote transmitter transmits static correction, and the receiver, which snugly fitted onto the dog’s neck, receives signals within a certain range of area.

How old should my puppy be before using a training collar?

Trainers should use e-collar educators when their dog becomes 5 to 6 months old. At this age, they can effortlessly carry the weight of the collar and receive basic commands.

How far is the range of a dog training collar device?

Every e-collar technology has a different range.

Pet owners mostly use some short-range e-collar educators; they train dogs in yards and parks, and long-range e-collar educators are used by hunters at distances as far as ten miles.

How much is the proper weight for a dog for using a training collar?

There are no specific limits, but for small dogs, the weight should be 5lbs and more. It is better to purchase the recommended e-collar educator by the weight of your dog.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of considerations for buying the best-suited e-collar educators and many issues to take away from these devices. The main thing is to buy the best product with top-notch quality features to ensure your dog’s safety.

The best dog training e-collar educator should develop ease of use, modern technical facilities, efficient training modes, size, weight, and cost.

Considering buyer’s issues, we have listed above all top e-collar technologies regarding various breeds; and sizes of dogs that will help you make right and quick decisions.

Our recommendations

If your dog is over 5lbs, has a sensitive to normal disposition, and you are looking for something super easy to use, and 1/2 mile range is enough, the ET-300 Mini Educator is our best-seller, preferred by most pro trainers and the collar I use personally.

However, If you live in a rural area and your dog has more room to roam, the 3/4mile range ET-400 series is a great choice.

How to use an E Collar properly – Dog Training with America’s Canine Educator

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Bundle of 2 Items - E-Collar - ET-300 - 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Trainer Mini Educator - Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar With PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker Training Kit

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Bundle of 2 Items - E-Collar - ET-302 - Half a Mile Remote Waterproof Two Dog Trainer Mini Educator - Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar With PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker Training Kit

$289.99  in stock
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Bundle of 2 Items - E-Collar - ET-400 - 3/4 Mile Rechargeable Remote Waterproof Trainer Educator - Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar with PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker

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Educator ET-300 Mini 1/2 Mile E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar With Vibration, Tapping Sensation and Pavlovian Stimulation

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E-Collar - ET-300ZEN - 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Trainer Mini Educator - Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar with PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker

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Educator K9-400 B33 K9 Handler 3/4 Mile Remote Dog Training Collar, 33" Bungee Collar

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Educator ET-302 Two Dog Mini 1/2 Mile E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar With Vibration, Tapping Sensation and Pavlovian Stimulation

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E-Collar - ME-300 - Waterproof Remote Trainer Micro Educator 1/3 Mile Range - Designed for Smaller Dogs - Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar with PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker

$179.99  in stock
as of January 2, 2022 8:41 pm