How Do Electric Dog Collars Work
How Do Electric Dog Collars Work

A dog collar is an indication that your dog belongs to someone and that it is not astray.

If your dog has a tag attached to its collar, it would be easy to identify them if they ran away. This is also an effective tool that is used for dog training.

A dog collar is also for your pooch to understand that they are part of your pack, and you are their master.

An electric dog collar, on the other hand, serves a much important purpose. Training your dog is important, even if you only have one at home.

There are plenty of dog training tools that can help you along the way, but one of the most popular products out there are electric dog training collars.

How Do Electric Dog Collars Work
How Do Electric Dog Collars Work

But before you buy one of these, you first need to understand how it works and how it is used.

To help you with the information that you need, here are some facts that you have to learn about electric dog collars.

All About Electric Collars

Electric collars are training tools that were initially used way back in the 60s. Trainers use this to teach their hunting dogs. But these days, the best dog training collar is used to correct different stubborn and unwanted dog behaviors.

It can be used when training for excessive barking, food aggression, and even to teach pups to stay on the safe property line or close to its owner even when they are off-leash.

Remember that these electric shock collars are NOT intended for punishments. This is more like a deterrent to their negative and unsafe behavior.

When you are using an approved dog training collars for small dogs, the shock that is being administered when using an approved dog training collars is safe.

It can surely get your dog’s attention and correct certain behaviors, but it will not do any lasting harm.

The dog will associate their unwanted behavior once you hit a button that will give their collar a slightly uncomfortable jolt to stop them from doing it.

Trainers continue to do this until the dog no longer needs a reminder.

How To Use An Electric Dog Collar

How To Use An Electric Dog Collar
How To Use An Electric Dog Collar

Most electronic dog training collar reviews will tell you that these devices have different levels of enforcement. You can set a level to reprimand a certain behavior. There are shock collars with a beep or vibration to give your dog a warning before the actual shock is delivered.

This beep also serves as your verbal command to disrupt what they are doing.

Once you set it to “shock mode,” there will be different intensity levels delivered by a device with two prongs attached to the dog collar.

If you say you are using this for excessive barking, the collar will do its work as it responds to the vibration your dog’s vocal cords are making as they bark.

On the other hand, for behavioral issues, like food or leash aggression, or jumping, the remote control can administer the shock.

Always remember that using an electric training collar for large dogs or your smaller pooch will not make you a bad pet parent.

This also doesn’t mean that you are torturing your dog.

Electric dog collars will not destroy your relationship with your fur buddy.

In fact, this will train them to have better behaviors and improve your bond with each other.

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