Dog Shock Collar - Dog Training Collar with Remote
Dog Shock Collar - Dog Training Collar with Remote

A study has proved that dogs show more affection and love towards humans than any other pet.

If you love to adopt a dog and train him in the best way you can, but with love and kindness, then this dog shock training collar by dog care is specially made for you.

Key Feature Dog Shock Collar – Dog Training Collar with Remote

The manufactures of this Dog shock Training collar are well known for their excellent work in the production of super quality products.

Dog Care has committed to the study of a pet’s behavior and psychology related to it.

Dog care always explores some better ways to create a flow of communication between the dog and the owner of the dog.

Dog care is known in the industry because it has developed many pet accessories by doing lots of research day in and out and development’s advantage in the field of products of technology.

This Dog shock training collar has set up a bridge between the pet and the owner to help the owner to train their dogs more effectively and efficiently.

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Dog Shock Collar - Dog Training Collar with Remote
Dog Shock Collar – Dog Training Collar with Remote

Product Description: 4.6 x 1.7 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 9.6 ounces.

Batteries: 2 lithium batteries are required and included in the package.

Safety comes First

Your dog deserves your love and care. And it’s apparent that you try your best to provide him both. But sometimes accidentally, you use the operations accidentally that would hurt your dog unintendedly.

For instance, it’s easy to keep the remote in your pocket. Still, you will feel bad for operating the collar accidentally and hurting your innocent dog by the dog shock collar?

This collar has a security keypad lock that prevents any desperation on remote and assures the maximum safety of your lovely pet.


this advanced model of dog shock training collar is worth buying. It’s an excellent pick to review, that is why it is part of our reviewing list.

This dog shock training collar is having three methods of training your dog effectively and efficiently. Plus, 0n to 99 adjustable shock static levels make it easy to choose the right one for your dog.

A wide range of 330 Yard is enough to train your dog in the open environment.

So, overall this dog shock collar has all the fantastic features but the only thing that needs to be modified is the size adjustment to give a snug fit.

Excellent and responsive customer care service.

The price is affordable.

Battery life is long and durable

Three channels maximum control

0 to 99 adjustable shock levels.

Remote size is quite large

Newer versions are not compatible with the previous ones.

Conclusion Dog Shock Collar – Dog Training Collar with Remote

This dog shock training collar is excellent because it has three training modes; it prevents the accidental shocks; it has three channels of maximum control and 0 to 99 shock level that is adjustable, though.

The company DOG CARE is also renowned and trustworthy.

It’s a fine dog shock training collar to spend money on. This will be your best buddy in training your pet dog basic obedience commands.