DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote,Beep and Vibration Rechargeable Collar for Dogs

This Dog Shock training collar by Dog Care offers you beep, shock and vibration to allow you to choose the one which is best to train your dog efficiently and with safety. When you choose the best training option for the dog, then you will be able to train your dog basic obedience and commands. Although, it is recommended to try the beep and vibration mode first. If your dog does not respond to either beep or vibration, then take a start from a low static level to high static levels gradually.

Additionally, this remote collar gives you 330 yards remote range which is enough flexible for training your dog indoor environment, any wide-area or hiking with your lovely pet. This extensive remote range is for more performance training. With the help of this dog shock training collar, you can train your dog to catch the ball in the park or fetch something in the home. This dog shock collar will set you free to off your leash and train your dog.

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DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote,Beep and Vibration Rechargeable Collar for Dogs - image word-image-2 on

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote,Beep and Vibration Rechargeable Collar for Dogs - image on


Product Dimensions:  4.6 x 1.7 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 9.3 ounces.

Batteries: 2 lithium ions batteries that are included in the package.

Key Feature:

Safe and secure:

Your dog deserves your love and care. And it’s obvious that you try your best to provide him with both. But sometimes accidentally you use the operations accidentally that would hurt your dog unintendedly. For instance, it’s easy to keep the remote in your pocket but you will definitely feel bad for operating the collar accidentally and hurting your innocent dog by the dog shock collar? This collar has a security keypad lock that prevents any kind of desperation on remote and assures the maximum safety of your lovely pet.

Powerful Battery:

Both the transmitter and receiver of this dog shock training Collar is rechargeable and can be recharge simultaneously at one time. The battery life is super long-lasting and durable. Once it is fully charged, a kit can be used up to 15 days (for the receiver) and remote has a standby time of 45 days.


Here comes the best dog shock collar by DOG CARE. It has unique and fantastic features that make it to stand out as the best dog shock collar in the year 2019. It’s three modes of training including shock, beep and vibration make this collar and excellent pic to review. Additionally, it is an amazing dog shock training collar with amazing battery life. You don’t need to worry about the accidental shocks. So, the pic is fine overall accept the size adjustment is not so good.

The customer care service is good and friendly.

Very affordable

Super easy to setup.

Remote and the collar can be charged simultaneously.

The collar shut off automatically

The size is not adjustable for every dog.


This dog shock training collar from DOG CARE is one of the best products because it has 3 modes of training, a very good battery life, prevent accidental shocks and very affordable. With this Dog Shock training collar, you can train your dog like a pro! It also has a simulation that works according to your dog’s needs.

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