Best GPS Tracker For Small Dogs
Best GPS Tracker For Small Dogs

You can detect your pets place with Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag.

It works as an external microchip and contains a short URL, NFC chip, short, QR code and Humane Tribe hotline so that anybody can link the dog with the owner when found.

Best GPS Tracker for Small Dogs

When the tag is accessed, you will forever be notified through SMS and email with Google Maps direction.

Since it can be linked with the provided application, you can edit your pet profile any time to provide as detail as possible.

Features Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag

You do not need any subscription or batteries to make this work, because it is micro-chip based.

Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag
Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag

So this, also affordable as there is no more investment needed apart from buying this item.

This GPS location is quite different from the other choices, as it acts more like an external microchip for your canine BFF.

This tag is linked to your mobile and sends you a text whenever the tag is accessed with a microchip scanner or any other gadget.

While it is not a tracker like the other choices, it still helps the pet owners that are not capable of committing to monthly payment with other gadgets.

One of the biggest downfalls of this item is that it does not have true-time GPS tracking. You cannot view where your pet is until a passer-by scans the tag and sends you their place.

Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag
Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag

Anyway, for the price, it is a bargain.

While you would not be capable of checking up on your pet is all times of the day, you will be capable of resting simply knowing that your dog has a way to get back to you should they accidentally get lost.

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  • No monthly fees
  • No batteries required


  • Do not offer you true-time GPS
  • Has to be accessed or scanned for you to locate your pet