Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness 2020
Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness 2020

Kana Gear established a reputation as one of the most well-known going gear brands.

The Kana Gear supplies a successful range of Kana Gear Dog Harnesses.

Did you know that thousands of pets are injured by collars that wrap around their small necks each year?

Conventional collars can choke your dog or even injure its spine.

Every year, 1000s of dogs suffer injuries to their spine, neck, and trachea due to collars that wrap around their necks. General collars put force directly on your dog’s neck, which strains and injures their spine and trachea.

These injuries lead to life-threatening situations such as collapsed trachea and whiplash that need costly surgery and can damage your dog’s health.

Now, you no longer have to hesitate about this issue, presenting the adjustable Kana gear safety dog harness.

The adjustable safety harness needs a unique and fantastic design that distributes force evenly across your dog’s chest to ensure its relaxation and safety.

Each adjustable safety Kana Gear harness builds confidence by promising the best standard and absolute security for your dog’s safety and health.

Features Kana Gear Dog Harness

Invest in your pet’s health and safety with the best adjustable safety dog harnesses.

They protect your dog by ensuring pressure and force are evenly distributed across their chest.

They feature breathable padding and are adjustable to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe.

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The Kana Gear dog harness features moisture-wicking, an elastic layer that sits against your pet’s fur.

This material does not pill and dries rapidly.

Below this outer layer is a layer of padding that works the entire length of the dog harness, vital in many areas, such as the chest and belly, to avoid rubbing and possible chaffing.

Kana Gear Dog harness
Kana Gear Dog harness

Reflectivity and Safety

The Kana Gear dog harness features a Velcro pocket for your stash pet ID tags.

We do not use the ID pocket as we leave those attached points to the collar that stays on their necks about 90 percent of the time inside the home and a hundred percent outside the home.

Kana Gear dog harnesses also include reflective accents in the front and along the top of the saddle to improve visibility on early morning or evening walks.

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Two leash attachment

The Front Range Kana Gear dog harness provides two attachment points, an aluminum V-ring with the best harness, and a reinforced webbing loop at the chest’s front.

The peak attachment is best for a usual walk on the train without a smell.

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Advantages of Kana Gear dog harness

Easy off /on

The unique design of our adjustable safety harness permits you to put on or take off the harness quickly and simply in just three seconds. So you can get your pet ready fast and enjoy more time on your walks together.

Healthy walks

The best design of our adjustable safety harness saves your dog’s neck and spine for safe and fit walks. With the adjustable safety harness, you can feel self-esteem knowing your dog’s health and safety are protected.

More control

Our adjustable safety harness has an extra powerful feel ring for attaching a leash and a fast grab handle to give you more control and make your walks fun and straightforward.

Best fit

The adjustable safety harness comes in many different sizes to ensure the best fit for your dog. This helps ensure your dog is both relaxed and safe on your walks.

Durable and comfy


The Kana Gear safety harness is made of high-standard materials that are safe and durable for your pet. Its breathable padding ensures your dog is relaxed and happy.

Safety at night

The Kana Gear safety harness specs reflective stitching to ensure you and your dog are visible and secure when walking at night. So you can feel relaxed knowing you and your pet are protected.

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What should you know before you buy a Kana Gear harness?

Before getting a pet harness, there are a few things to know to ensure you get the best for your dog.

First, consider that different materials factor into how harnesses work and how durable, relaxed, and secure they can be for your pet.

Nylon is the most famous material for harnesses. It is durable, lightweight, and chew-proof. The nylon harness is also simple enough to clean and let dry. If you have a service dog, you must ensure you purchase a material that can be ironed for service patches.

Leather is also optimal, mainly for giant breeds. Leather harnesses are very strong and offer sufficient cushion, making them perfect for little-haired dogs.

Whatever the harness material, ensure you buy the right size and fit for your pet, picking a harness that can be adjusted to accommodate weight changes or growing puppies.

With this in mind, you are ready to pick the top type of dog harness.

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What are the types of harnesses?

There are many types of harnesses. The The Kana Gear dog harness is completely adjustable and has a quick-release buckle for ease.

When picking, it should cater to what you and your pet generally do. Does your dog need further training, or do you have a well-behaved pet used to walking on a leash?

Firstly, you will need to consider where you can attach a leash to the harness. To begin with, take a look at these different attachment types.

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Attachment types

Some harnesses have front hooks, others have hooks on the back, while some hybrid types give two attachment points.

A front hook permits you to attach a leash to the center of the pet’s chest area. This attachment type is best suited for shorter leashes. It is perfect for leading the way when you are out on a walk, mainly if your pet is prone to pulling or jumping. Please note that pets can chew on the leash, given its position.

A back hook keeps your leash linked to the dog’s upper back. It is perfect if you walk or run alongside your pet.

Given this attachment type, it is simple to put on a leash and for dogs to get used to it. However, this leash placement may not provide as much control for bigger or more aggressive pets and does not offer directional steering.

The hybrid dog harness has a back and front hook, with some variations that provide multiple attachment points.

This is helpful if you need to switch between the back and front hooks when training your pet or need something perfect for an extensive range of activities.

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Harness fit and design

Aside from attachment types, dog harness comes in 3 types of fit.

A Webbed harness has a strap that fits your pet’s chest and upper back. It is safer than a dog collar, but it may not be ideal for robust, big dogs who tend to pull on their leash. However, it is perfect in warm weather.

As the name might imply, the vest-type harness fits like a vest around the pet’s chest and upper back area.

These harnesses provide the best security and support, capable of distributing force over a larger surface area. However, they may not be perfect in humid and warm climates.

The head halter has a unique look and is top-suited for powerful or reactive dogs. It is a fantastic substitute for anti-pull harnesses.

While it may look like a muzzle, it does not limit your pet. Some dogs might not react well to this particular configuration, and it may take them many days or weeks to get used to it. That is all you need to know about harness types.

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How to Fit the 5 Main Types of Dog Harnesses

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