Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness 2020
Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness 2020

Kana Gear established a reputation as one of the most well-known brands when it comes to going gears.

The kana Gear supply a successful range of Kana Gear Dog Harnesses.

Did you know that tons of pets each year are injured by their collars that wrap wound their small neck?

Conventional collars can choke your dog or even injure their spine.

Features Kana Gear Dog harness

Invest in your pet’s health and safety with the best adjustable safety dog harnesses.

They protect your dog by making sure pressure and force are distributed evenly across their chest.

And they feature amazing breathable padding and are adjustable to ensure your pet is both comfortable and safe.


The Kana Gear dog harness features moisture-wicking, a stretchy layer that sits against your pet’s fur.

This material does not pill and dries rapidly.

Below this outer layer is a layer of padding that works the full length of the dog harness which is vital in many areas, such as the chest and belly to avoid rubbing and possible chaffing.

Kana Gear Dog harness
Kana Gear Dog harness

Reflectivity and Safety

The Kana Gear dog harness features a Velcro pocket for your stash pet ID tags.

We do not use the ID pocket, as we leave those attached points to the collar that stays on their necks about 90 percent of the time inside the home and a hundred present of the time outside of the home.

Kana Gear dog harness has also included reflective accents in the front and along the best of the harness to improve visibility on early morning or evening walks.

Two leash attachment

The Front Range Kana Gear dog harness provides 2 different attachments points and an aluminum V-ring along with the best of the harness and a reinforced webbing loop at the front of the chest.

The peak attachment is best for a usual walk on the train, without a smell.

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