RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness
RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness

This front range, no pull dog harness by Ruffwear is made of the hard stuff.

Not only is it designed to stop your dog from dragging you all over the neighborhood, but it is also made out of strong material that is designed to withstand lots of use and abuse from big and extra-large breed dogs.

Features RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness Review

Anyway, it is extremely versatile and is accessible in a big range of size choices, so you can use it for a toy, medium, small, and extra-large breeds.

This model is also rated for full-day use, due to its heavily padded design that will stop skin sores, irritation, and chafing.


If you have tried a standard harness in the past, then you may hesitate to provide another one shot, but this is hands down the top no-pull dog harness on the market.

It is easy to design gathered with the foam strip padding across the belly and chest makes it amazingly relax for your pet, so he or she can wear it full day long without the danger of chafing or general skin issue.

This mode is the best choice if you have a pet with sensitive skin.


The highly adjustable straps permit you to get the right fit.

A harness that is too tight can rub against a pet’s skin.

If the harness is too loose, then you will run the danger of your pet slipping out of his harness if he gets too thrilled when he views the neighbor’s cat.

The capability to adjust the straps for custom fit is a big selling point for this model.

The harness provides a total of 4 points of adjustments, which will permit a complete range of motion.

RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness Leash Review
RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness Leash Review


If you generally take your pet for a walk early in the morning or late at night, then you need a harness that will make your pet very visible to cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

This model specs reflective trim, so your pet will simply stand out in low light situations.

Leash attachments

This model permits you to use the back leash point attachment or the one placed on the chest.

If your pet is well-trained, then you can use the attachment on the back.

If your pet continually tugs, pulls, and drags you, then you will need to use the leash point attachment on the chest.

Most pet owners are not alert of the difference these 2 attachments choices offer.

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