Mekuti Harness For Dogs Balance
Mekuti Harness For Dogs Balance

Made by T-Touch, the Mekuti harness for dogs Balance is a well-established and well-known harness and among the first available to let the flexibility of connection required to bring dogs and Balance.

The Mekuti balance harness is completely adjustable within the size range you pick for your dog. It can be adjusted on the neck, barrel, and chest strap around the ribs to make the best fit for any dog’s type, breed, shape, or size.

Generally, select the harness with the measurement nearest to the middle of the size range, but you may have to make allowances if your pet is still growing as a thick puppy set or slight in build.

This is mainly the case when picking between the large or medium sizes if your dog’s rib measurement is twenty-eight inches, for example, which would fit both.

Features Mekuti Harness For Dogs Balance

It’s also an H-style harness but is slightly longer in the back than the T-touch one.

The Mekuti harness for dogs Balance has the most choices for connecting any harness, including side rings that make it highly flexible.

Side rings are beneficial if you have a powerful pet as you can pass the lead across the chest and connect the clip to the side, offering you a solid connection at the front.

Mekuti Harness For Dogs Balance
Mekuti Harness For Dogs Balance

It comes in 5 sizes and seven colors, coordinating leads, so gain many options for your pet. It’s adjustable behind and in front of the legs and below the chest.

As standard, the neckpiece goes over the head, but there’s a choice to have an additional clip on the neckpiece to let it be clipped around like a collar.

I use all 3 of these Mekuti harnesses for dogs. Balance regularly with my dog and with customers who can highly recommend them.

What are your experiences with the Mekuti harness for dogs’ Balance?

Have you utilized these, or do you have another that you particularly like? Use the comments section to let me know.

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The Mekuti balance harness has many advantages and uses:

Stop pulling on the lead

Table of Contents

Anxious behavior when being exercised

Assistance with helping your dogs even muscle development, mainly if hip dysplasia is a problem

Nervous dogs – the harness is made to be put on without lifting the dogs or shoving them in, so it is beneficial for rescue dogs.

Better control, allowing you and your pet to enjoy your time combined, with no shouting.

Dog or people-aggressive dogs can be led safely between two people and linked to both by lead to include their confidence and help them cope in these conditions.

Caring for your harness

  • Take special care if you walk your dog near the sea. Salt will damage and corrode the rings and may ultimately cause wear to the webbing and cancel the guarantee, so it is vital to rinse off any salt water and ensure no sand is left on the harness.
  • Occasionally, the harness and lead within an old pillowcase and wash at 38 C with your usual wash. Dry in the air.
  • Check your harness regularly for wear signs. Any problem with the webbing or stitching will weaken it.
  • Keeping the harness clean will make its life longer and more relaxed for your dog.

Why do dogs pull?

Dogs learn very fast. When a dog pulls on the lead a few times and releases that, you follow it very fast becomes a habit. All the pulling and shouting on the dogs will do little to prevent the behavior, possibly making it worse and, more vitally, perhaps causing damage to your friend.

It is known that wrongly used collars can cause:

  • Vertebral damage to the shoulders and neck
  • Soft tissue problems to the windpipe or throat

Check chains can also eliminate the dog’s coat from around the neck and cause pinch issues leading to hypersensitivity in the neck region.

Wrongly used head halters can improve outcomes in whish-lash-type injuries.

Any dog leading into their collars will have a low oxygen supply to their brains, thus making it hard for them to think clearly, or even very quickly. A dog pulling on the lead is likelier to respond poorly when viewing other dogs or people.

The patent-pending Mekuti balance dog harness is produced from webbing, with multiple attachment points to provide choices on where the contact points are. It comes in five sizes, each competently adjustable and in front of the legs and underneath the chest. This ensures a close, relaxed fit that does not rub or pinch.

The seams are external on the chest for more sensitive pets.

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How does the Mekuti dog harness system work?

When a dog pulls, you become of its balancing method. The Mekuti balance dog harness permits the handler to use 2 points of contact with the dog. You can withdraw one of the balance points by using two link points before taking up the other.

It is straightforward. The end outcome is a dog that is unsure what he can lean into and so re-learns how to balance on his own 4 feet without relying on them.

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Mekuti Balance Harness to Buy

  • Stop and prevent your dog from pulling on the lead
  • Decrease reactivity towards other dogs and traffic
  • Better control speed and direction gently
  • Better posture can decrease shoulder and back issues in the dog and handler.
  • And is entirely adjustable to make the best fit to make the dog relaxed and secure.
  • Promotes even muscle development which can help with a pet’s recovery from hip or injury

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Sizes Mekuti Balance Harness

Mini: 13″ -17″ rib cage

The slight harness webbing is ½ wide, and the set comes with a ½ wide, 2.5-meter double-ended lead produced from Webbing material and has lightweight, little trigger hooks on both ends. Just accessible in red or black.

Small: 17-23″ rib cage

The small harness wedding is ¾ wide, and the set comes with a ¾ wide, 2.5-meter double-ended lead, produced from soft and with one end with a bit of trigger hook.

Medium 20″ -30″ rib cage

The medium harness webbing is ¾ wide, and the set comes with a ¾ wide, two-meter double-ended lead produced from soft and a little trigger hook with one end.

Large 25″ -35″ rib cage

The large harness wedding is one broad, and the set comes with a one wide, two-meter double-ended lead, produced from softex with big active hooks on both ends.

X Large 30-46″

The extra-large harness webbing is one broad, and the set comes with a one wide, two-meter double-ended lead, produced from softex with big trigger hooks on both ends.


  • A range of colors is available
  • Delivers on its promise
  • All the straps are adjustable
  • 30 Day Guarantee


  • It can be somewhat hard to put on

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Final words

All the straps are adjustable, and the Mekuti harness is for dogs. Balance is comfortable for small, big, and medium-sized dogs.

It can be utilized with all shapes, breeds, sizes, and backgrounds: rescue dogs and pedigree crossbreeds.

Select from a range of seven best colors with coordinating dual-ended leads.

The harness set consists of twin-ended softex lead. These soft double-ended leads can be used as a general lead or with both ends linked to our balance harness to help dogs prevent pulling.

The softex material is genuinely relaxed and safe to hold, even with sore arthritic hands, making it simple to maintain a firm grip on the lead without any issue.

The lead length is two meters and comes in colors to coordinate the harness ordered.

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