This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Kong Dog Harness.

We recommend using KONG Max Ultra Durable Neoprene Padded Chest Plate Dog Harness Offered by The Barker Company (Green, Small)as it is reasonably priced.

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Kong has created a revolutionary dog harness that promises to fix all your problems.

With the help of a military-grade bungee leash and patented chest plate, this new product will prevent dogs from pulling, jumping, or running away while walking on a lead.

The durable design is perfect for any sized canine with its adjustable straps and materials made from high-quality fabrics.

This innovative device comes in six colors to match your pup’s personality!

The Best Kong Dog Harness

Kong Dog Harness is a life-changing product for you and your dog.

It’s made of neoprene with an adjustable nylon strap that will fit any size neck, from extra small to large dogs.

The harness is durable and machine washable so that it can be used all day long!

You’ll also love the safety features of this item because they help keep your pet safe in case of emergencies such as chasing cars or being attacked by other animals.

Best Kong Dog Harness Buying Guide

Choosing the best dog harness can often be challenging. There’re several variations to think about: from harness type to material, from the kind of breed to your dog’s size, etc.

We have developed the best Kong dog harness buying guide today.

Unlike the dog training collar, a harness holds your dog by the chest and shoulders instead of by the neck. Moreover, a harness is attached to a leash, and it’s much more relaxing for your dog, even if your furry friend needs some time to get used to a harness.

So, are you among those looking for the best Kong dog harness buying guide that allows you to get the right one for you?

Continue reading this best Kong dog harness buying guide, and you’ll find the solutions you seek!

Best Kong Dog Harness Buying Guide

Best Kong Dog Harness Buying Guide
Best Kong Dog Harness Buying Guide

You will get a wide range of harnesses from the Kong company that are created for different uses.

Thus, please check out this best Kong dog harness buying guide before buying one. This best kong dog harness buying guide will help you get the best one for your furry best friend…

Comfort Of The Harness:

Is the harness designed to make your dog feel comfortable while in use? If the saddle does not pressure your dog’s neck and throat, it suits your dog.

Safety & Durability

Does the harness capable of holding extensive usage? The harness must be durable for extensive use and has proper safety measures to prevent your dog from choking or choking.

Size Of The Harness:

When choosing a Kong dog harness, the most crucial step is to ensure you get the sizing properly. Rather than ordering based on your pet’s weight only, it is better to measure the chest & neck circumference of your dog.

For this, wrap a measuring tape around your dog’s broadest part of the chest and its neck.

Leave extra space while measuring so you don’t buy too tight harnesses.


Although the dog does not care much about style, pick one that suits your preference.


Ensure the harness you buy from the Kong company is affordable and suits your dog’s needs.

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Why Are Kong Harnesses So Great for Dogs?

Why Are Kong Harnesses So Great for Dogs
Why Are Kong Harnesses So Great for Dogs

Because of the unique features of the Kong harnesses, it is so special for dogs. The Kong company’s harnesses come with sturdy leash attachments, reflective materials, and control handles.

The reflective materials of these harnesses offer better nighttime visibility. In contrast, handles on the back or front of the dog harness makes it more comfortable to pick up or control your dog whenever required.

As comfort is often the critical concern, some Kong dog harnesses contain thick inner cushioning in the right places to avoid irritation or chafing to your pet’s skin.

Thus, Kong harnesses are one of the best harnesses available for dogs.

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Top 3 Best kong dog harness

After seeing the best Kong dog harness buying guide, you are ready to buy one.

Here is a list of the best dog harnesses from the Kong company.

Kong Comfort Reflective Padded Chest Plate Harness

Kong Comfort Reflective Padded Chest Plate Harness
Kong Comfort Reflective Padded Chest Plate Harness

KONG Reflective Chest Plate Harness for Dogs comes up with a soft Neoprene lining that makes your pet feel comfortable. This KONG Harness is available in 3 colors (dark green, red, and gray). Its only duty is to give you complete control over your dog and not hurt it.


  • Solid yet soft material to hold your pet effectively and comfortably
  • You can adjust its size as it’s highly adjustable as well as easily fit your pet in
  • It is straightforward to put on and off


  • The leash isn’t very reflective to have complete control at night in low light
  • hooks tend to break easily

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Kong Comfort Padded Dog Harness

Kong Comfort Padded Dog Harness
Kong Comfort Padded Dog Harness

It is among the KONG best Harnesses for a dog that is easy to put on and makes your pet feel comfortable while wearing it. This’s a type of everyday cushioned harness for all-sized pooches.


  • This dog harness from Kong comes with a padded chest plate as well as a broad neck strap
  • Safe pattern to avoid your dog chocking
  • You can easily adjust it to fit your dog
  • Easy to wear and also to take off


  • There is just 1 point to connect the leash

Kong On-The-Go Adjustable Harness

Kong On-The-Go Adjustable Harness
Kong On-The-Go Adjustable Harness

This KONG dog harness features a 4-point adjustment and gives you complete control over your dog.

Its material is also quite soft and comes with a very relaxing design. It is most suitable for those pups that are difficult to fit.

This dog harness’s adjustability makes it fit even on small pups and the overweight dog on the other side. So, irrespective of your dog’s size, you can have this.


  • In low light or at night, the reflective dog leash allows you to possess control over your dog
  • Very soft yet hardy material to settle your dog comfortably in the harness
  • This harness from Kong is one of the easiest harnesses to put on & off
  • Highly adaptable to fit your pup


  • Its leash buckle is of poor quality
  • Not advised for tiny pups

Is KONG a PetSmart brand?

Does it belong to the manufacturer of these Beehive-type rubber toys? Technically, not. The harness, hat, bed crates, and collars displaying the red KONG logo are made for the pet.

Do KONG leashes have a warranty?

KONG supports the quality of the product as well. If an authorized supplier purchases your KONG item, we will gladly return it to you.

How do you use a retractable KONG leash?

And they have a lock button like this and have ‘Kung Logos’ on them so whenever you want to.

How do you put a KONG leash on a dog?

In front, we are kneeling under the knee. Then fix the buckles. Now we are here.

Is Kongs suitable for dogs?

Kong toys are suitable for keeping a dog occupied by the toys; they help the dogs learn and get settled, build strong associations, and become more comfortable driving, if necessary.

Do vets recommend retractable leashes?

Retractable leads (flexi leash leads) are very popular with walking dogs. Although popular retractable leashes can be dangerous for stray dogs to veterinarians, our vets explain how they allow 6-foot leashes at our hospital.

Why are retractable leashes controversial?

Retractable leashes can often cause serious injury to a pet. It is well known that the thin rope causes severe wounds to both dogs. Several customers were amputations when Fido slipped his hand on his finger.

Why don’t people use retractable leashes?

Both veterinarians and humans may have confirmed numerous injuries from retractable leashes. A typical problem occurs when someone’s knee gets tied up while he runs around, and thin lances may cause blistering or cuts when the leashes are used.

How do you use a retractable Kong leash?

The lock button looks like this – a little Kong logo whenever you want to.

How do you use a Kong retractable leash?

The locks are similar, and there is even an attractive Kong logo so whenever you want to.

What is the best collar for a puppy that pulls?

Top 10 dog collar options. Safe dog stroll. Starmark Protraining Plastic Dog Collar. Spectra dogs cage. 2x. 2x. Hound Designs Freedom. This is a no-pull dog harness. Coast Pet Walks and Trainings Dogs Halters. DogSafe Gentle Leader headband. Easy walking harnesses are pet safe—star mark training dog collar. The dog is a spoon. Two Hundred Design Freedoms No Pull dog harnesses. Coast Dog Walking & Train Halters. Petsafe Gentle Leadership Headband.

What is the D ring on a dog leash handle for?

Dee rings attach leashes to dog collars and ropes for safety purposes. It is shaped like an X and not an A, but it provides maximum comfort to dogs and offers the most efficient methods for attaching the ring and releasing a bolt.

Are hands-free leashes suitable for dogs that pull?

It can sometimes be dangerous for dogs to be carried with leashes when they can’t walk. Even when the dogs are not outweighed, they may be able to cause severe damage to your back. The experience is not good unless you plan on completing Canicross.

What type of collar is best for a dog that pulls?

The head collar protects a strong and vigorous dog from jumping and pulling.

The collar shackling your dog to your muzzle can cause sagging or even damage, and it can cause stifling your dog’s weight to decrease.

How do you put a KONG collar on a dog?

Incorporate the pet’s everyday collar through the internal loops of the KONG Cloud Collar. It inflates the KONG cloud collar with an air valve. Inflate the collar until it is significant though not impossible. Fix the pet’s everyday collar in the pet’s mouth.

Are retractable leashes safe for large dogs?

A retractable collar may harm a pet’s neck or throat as it is used. When the leash is pulled from a dog’s neck, the animal may snap back the neck.

Often animals are treated with neck or spine injuries that can be extremely painful with long-lasting effects.


There are various dog harnesses from the Kong company you can select from.

These great tools will aid in training your dog, particularly in pups just getting accustomed to being on a leash.

Fortunately, all of the harnesses from Kong are high-quality and need no particular introduction.

When you are loolooke the best dog harness, look at the durability, material, recommendations, and comments from other users and professionals in this field.

Studying rather than purchasing the first one you come across is always good.

KONG Ultra Durable Waste Bag Harness (Large, Green)

$89.97  in stock
10 new from $69.99
Free shipping
as of October 3, 2023 4:55 pm


  • KONG Ultra Durable Waste Bag Harness provides control while the two of you are out on walks together, this harness comes with a waste dispenser and is great for active dogs.
  • Ultra durable, collapsible handle for added control. Neoprene-lined handle and chest plate for comfort.
  • Front and Back D-ring hardware for your choice of leashing, 4 adjustable points.
  • Reflective piping on top, waste bag dispenser. Durable metal buckles and D-ring hardware.
  • Small: 19"-22" chest & 5/8" Wide.

KONG Max Ultra Durable Neoprene Padded Chest Plate Dog Harness Offered by The Barker Company (Green, Small)

$39.50  in stock
2 new from $39.50
as of October 3, 2023 4:55 pm


  • KONG Max Ultra Durable Padded Chest Plate Dog Harness.
  • Neoprene-lined handle and chest plate for the utmost comfort of your dog. Extra wide for added comfort and better control.
  • Metal D-ring hardware leash attachment at front of chest and back of body for your convenience. Heavy Duty metal buckles to ensure long lasting use.
  • Strong durable hardware and added ease of adjustability in this new design.
  • Small: 17"-22" & 5/8" Wide

KONG Ultra Durable Tactical Vest Dog Harness (Medium, Tan)

 in stock
as of October 3, 2023 4:55 pm


  • KONG Ultra Durable Tactical Vest Dog Harness provides control while the two of you are out on walks together, this harness is great for carrying lightweight loads.
  • Ultra durable, made with exceptionally strong thread to help resist tearing.
  • Front and Back D-ring hardware for your choice of leashing, 4 adjustable points. Durable metal hardware.
  • Includes self fastener to add personalized patches if desired.
  • Small: 18"-22" chest & 5/8" Wide.

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How to Put a Kong Harness On and Off Your Dog

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Q: What is a Kong dog harness?

A: A Kong dog harness is a product from Kong Company, a famous brand that caters to the needs of pet owners by providing innovative pet products. The harness is designed to help you comfortably control and manage your dog while ensuring his safety.

Q: How does a Kong dog harness differ from other dog harnesses?

A: One of the main differences is that Kong dog harnesses are designed to provide maximum comfort to dogs. They are also made with solid and durable materials, making them ideal for active and heavy-duty use.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Kong dog harness?

A: Using a Kong dog harness provides several benefits, including enhanced control, security, and safety for your dog. These harnesses ensure your dog’s comfort, especially during long walks and run. The reflective feature also provides greater visibility, ensuring your dog is safely seen in traffic.

Q: How do I determine the right size for a Kong dog harness?

A: Measuring your dog’s girth is essential to determine the right size for a Kong dog harness. Measure around the deepest part of your dog’s rib cage, just behind his front legs, and use this measurement to choose the right size for your dog. Kong dog harnesses typically come in standard sizes, such as small, medium, and large.

Q: Where can I buy a Kong dog harness?

A: You can buy a Kong dog harness at your local pet store or on websites like Amazon. You may also visit the Kong Company website to shop for their products.

Q: How long does it take to deliver a Kong dog harness?

A: Delivery of a Kong dog harness depends on several factors, including your location and the delivery method chosen at checkout. Kong Company offers free shipping, and you can expect to receive your order within 5-7 days.

Q: Does a Kong dog harness come with a pad?

A: No, Kong dog harnesses do not come with a pad. However, there are several options for adding a pad to provide additional comfort for your dog. You can purchase a separate pad from the Kong Company store or use your preferred brand on the harness.

Q: What is the difference between a Kong Reflective Dog Harness and a Reflective Pocket Dog Harness?

A: The main difference between the two is the type of reflective features they have. The Kong Reflective Dog Harness has a reflective strip that runs the length of the harness, while the Reflective Pocket Dog Harness features a zippered pocket with reflective accents. Both harnesses are designed to provide maximum comfort and visibility for your dog.

Q: Can I pick up my Kong dog harness at a store?

A: If you prefer to pick up your Kong dog harness in person, you may visit your nearest pet store that carries the Kong Company products. You can also order online and choose the store pickup option at checkout.

Q: What is the result of using a Kong dog harness?

A: Using a Kong dog harness is a safer and more secure experience for both you and your dog, especially when you are out actively walking, hiking, or jogging. The added functionality of the waste bags and reflective features also make it much more convenient for pet owners, making it one of the favorite brands on the market.

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