BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable
BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable

Babyltrl Dog Vest Harness No Pull (Pink, Large) is made from premium durable nylon oxford and soft padded material, very comfortable to wear.

This easy walk harness will stop pulling, make walks like a dream! Perfect gift for active friends that have dogs who pull.

The Babyltrl big dog harness is best for medium to giant breeds such as German, golden retriever, German shepherd, and more. The simple design and fast snap buckle make it simple to put on take-off and make for the best training, running, outdoor adventure, hiking, and daily walks.

The better-oversized grip handle is more significant and provides more comfort than other types of dog harness handles, providing more control and simple assistance for included control of your pet.

The harness also comes with a solid D-ring leash attachment point.

The soft premium nylon oxford material provides long-term security and softness, while the reflective straps keep your dog safe while out for walks. Any pulling force is evenly distributed to the body to stop choking and pulling.

Locking the big dog is easy with a simple-snap lock mechanism, unlike other systems that need an abundance of patience to secure the strap.

The breathable fabric stuff has fast-drying properties so that mold and mildew don’t accumulate and colonize the stuff.

This is vital if your dog ventures into the water for a swim.

If your pet is a puller, the front-positioned leash attachment is an absolute must.

Product Description BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable

Large Size:

Chest Girth 22-32 inches. The perfect harness for large dogs, like a golden retriever, great dane, saint bernard, and more; You’d better determine your dog’s chest circumference by measuring the widest part of your dog’s chest before purchase. (Including Dog Collar Which Can Only be Used for Attaching ID Tags)

No, Pull and Choke Free: Pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Pulling and Choking. Our dog vest harness comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Table of Contents

Accessible to Wear& Adjustable

This pet harness with a simple design and quick snap buckles make it easy to put on and take off;

Fully adjustable straps at the chest and neck allow a custom fit for your pet.

Sturdy Handy Handle

Our pet dog harness comes with a sturdy D-ring leash attachment point and easy grab handles to help you control and assist your dog.


With the reflective strap pet vest, keep your dog SAFE all the time while out for a walk, even at night;

Breathable mesh lining with a soft sponge padding plate of our dog harness prevents dog injuries, giving extra comfort and protection.

Comfortable & Lightweight

This comfortable dog harness design with comfortable, lightweight mesh lining with Soft Sponge Padding in Chest and Belly, Absolutely avoids pulling and choking or tugging.

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable

No Pull & No Choke Using a dog collar may cause respiratory problems or even lead to more severe injuries like a collapsed trachea.

No Pull& No Choke: Using a dog collar may cause respiratory problems or even lead to more severe injuries like a collapsed trachea.

Our dog harness is designed to spread the pressure preventing them from choking and hurting the throat when the dog pulls.

Locking Feature: Our dog vest harness is straightforward to wear with adjustable Neck / Chest Girth and quick snap buckles.

The padded interior makes it comfortable to wear.

There is also a cool locking feature on both snaps, so the harness is that much more secure!

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A Handle To Assist

There is a sturdy top handle for quick grabbing, easy to control, and grab hold of your dog if need be to assist them while on adventures.

Sturdy D-ring

Metal D-ring on Back Range for attaching leash is very sturdy, also perfect for car seat belt to keep your dog safe during travel.

Reflective Straps: The reflector is bright in the dark to keep your dog easy to watch and safe.

Perfect for Daily Walking, Outdoor, Training, Hunting, and more

Specification Size: L (Chest: 22-32 inch; Neck: 18-23 inch)

Material: Nylon Oxford

Package Included:

1 x Babyltrl Dog Harness (Pink, Large)

1 x Babyltrl Dog Collar ( Can Only Be Used for Attaching ID Tags)

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  • They are mainly designed for bigger dogs, with an extra-powerful front chest piece and a unique vest harness design for increased control over the animal.
  • Harness design spreads the force across the dog’s body, decreasing both choking and pulling power on the throat and neck area and skin.
  • Grab handle for men when you need to either firm control
  • It comes with both front and back leash attachment points for extra control
  • Ultimately adjustable straps with d-rings and click fasteners, make it simple to put off and on
  • It has a breathable mesh lining and soft foam for relaxation, mainly when worn for more extended periods.
  • An extensive range of 6 colors comes with complete visibility reflective material to provide extra safety when walking your dog during darker hours.
  • It is accessible in 4 sizes, large, medium, small, and extra-large harness for different sized chests.


  • Some pet owners post that the buckles break too easily
  • Although you can purchase these little dogs, it has been made for bigger dogs, so it might not be the best choice for little dogs (such as pug or Chihuahua).

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Is it ok to use a Babyltrl harness with a puppy?

Yes, it is ok and safe to use a harness with a young pup. Dog trainers will tell you that it can be a remarkable idea for several reasons.

Puppies are highly wriggly and best at escaping from a regular collar. A harness is much more complicated for them to get out of.

So using a harness on your pup can prevent them from escaping the leash and risking injury.

Another reason why using a harness for small dogs is that it helps with no pull training. Using a no-pull harness with your young puppy will set the movement off in the best way from a young age.

As with all dog training, the sooner you begin, the simple it will be in the long run.

By getting the puppy used to the no-pull pet harness, you provide yourself the top chance to have a well-trained, adult dog, simple to walk.

This will mean less worry for you and more time to enjoy time with your pets, mainly if you own a big dog.

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Is it ok for a dog to wear their babyltrl harness all the time?

Once you have bought a harness for your pet, it is valuable to ensure that the fit is correct to ensure the highest comfort for the dog. Pay close focus to the back and neck for any tightness or pressure.

Then it will be perfect for leaving the dog wearing the harness all day. It is best to let the dog get used to wearing it.

Another remarkable advantage of the dog wearing the harness all day is that you can grab the handle if you need to manage the dog and have extra control quickly.

Sometimes you need quick control over your pup to stop any severe injuries from happening!

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Some remarkable advice from a veterinarian

We believe in listening to the professionals. So taking suggestions from a dog trainer or a vet is forever value doing.

The vet walks you through the process of measuring the dog to ensure that you get the best harness to fit them for the highest control.

Explain how to measure around the dog’s neck, front, chest, and back to get a perfect snug fit, so the harness material does not rub against the dog’s skin.

Then she walks via the critical types of the harness: the pet products balance harness, the vest harness, the webmaster, the step-in, dual strap, padded chest, and the halter training harness, describing which she thinks is the top harness for different dogs.

After this, she looks at each one in entirely more detail, some truly easy-to-follow steps to help you get your pet into the harness perfect and efficiently and ensure it is the best fit using the adjustable straps.

Hopefully, if you have any issue about putting a harness on your pup and making it fit perfectly, this will answer those worries.

You also get to enjoy viewing the sweet little pupster who models the harnesses.

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Best Dog Harness? Babyltrl No Pull Dog Harness Review

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End words

If you are looking for the top dog harness, the BABYLTRL big dog harness is advised.

With the spec built-in to the BABYLTRL big dog harness, you will not be sad.

The BABYLTRL big dog harness is a top-standard product keeping your dog safe.

Thanks for reading my review. If you want to buy BABYLTRL big dog harness, click go through to

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