problems that can put your dog's life at risk
problems that can put your dog's life at risk

Preventing our dogs’ health should be seen as a constant concern; after all, some diseases can be fatal, and others take a long time to show the first signs.

That is why taking care of the dog’s food and not giving up periodic monitoring with the veterinarian is a great start to ensure the furry’s well-being.

Dog Health Issues

Meet three problems that are common and can put your dog’s health at risk.

Infectious diseases

Several infectious diseases haunt the lives of dogs and also the pet’s fathers and mothers. Parvovirus, distemper, rabies, and canine influenza are just some of the most well-known diseases, but the list is immense and dangerous.

To keep your dog protected, keep your vaccination card up to date. Remember that prevention starts very early and that the veterinarian is the one who will indicate the doses that your dog needs to take and set up the vaccination schedule for your furry.

We know that some pets take a lot of work to get a vaccine. Some have a higher price, but you can not miss or delay any vaccine because infectious diseases only need a small opportunity to manifest themselves.

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Fleas and ticks are not among the most sought after and sold products in the online pet shop Pet love aimlessly. Parasites pose a huge danger to the health of dogs and some to the whole family including.

Fleas, ticks, worms, and other microscopic parasites can be where we least expect them and in those places that dogs like to curl most. It can be the beginning of a journey that is not easy to complete without complications when this happens.

Keeping the environment very clean and properly sanitized, in addition to the continuous use of fleas, helps to prevent several diseases, including heartworm (heartworm), ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, hepatozoonosis, and the popularly known worms, which scientifically are classified as Helminths and divided between Nematodes – roundworms – and Cestodes – flatworms.

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Gastrointestinal diseases

Dogs, especially puppies, discover the world using taste. Except that in this fixed idea of ​​wanting to bite or lick everything dogs finds ahead, the furry is in danger of compromising his gastrointestinal system.

Some microbes and protozoa can do a bad thing for dogs in a short time after contact, causing vomiting and diarrhea, which can lead to anemia and dehydration and even signify the presence of diseases such as neosporosis and giardia, both of which are contagious for pets and the second can endanger human health as well.

The safest way to preserve your dog’s well-being is to keep veterinary medical visits up to date, offer quality meals (and in the correct portions), and take great care with cleaning the house or the environment the dog is in.

It takes a little work to take care of everything, but caring for our pets’ health is the best way to feel the love we have for them!

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