RUFFWEAR - Front Range Harness – Sturdy and Comfortable
RUFFWEAR - Front Range Harness – Sturdy and Comfortable

As an expert dog trainer, I tend to focus on dog training equipment one such each dog needs is the comfortable harness.

With that said, dogs should not wear one each day, but they’d wear a comfortable harness to vet visits, on usual walks and so forth.

In this post, we will review one of my favorite harnesses: RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness.

Features RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness


A simply adjustable dog harness with many adjustment points is the secret to a very well-fitting harness.

With so many different breeds, including mixed and dogs with wide chests, having a flexible harness with big straps is important.

This – Front Range Harness is not just adjustable, but it also has a big collar area.

This prevents the harness from riding up and restricting the dog’s airway.

RUFFWEAR - Front Range Harness – Sturdy and Comfortable
RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness – Sturdy and Comfortable


The foam padding around the chest and shoulder area makes this harness very comfortable.

For most areas, the majority of pressure is implanted on and around a dog’s chest and shoulder during the walk.

This prevents chaffing, particularly for short-coated dogs with small or no hair.

Super Secure

Sometimes, the dog will learn specific ninja moves, so they can twist and flip right out of their harness, which is not great.

This has multiple adjustable attachments that should adjust snuggly.

Loose dog harness will chaff, and dogs can simply escape them, so make sure your dog’s harness is fixed rightly.

Does not Restrict Shoulder Movement

Lots of well-intended harnesses restrict a dog’s shoulder movement just due to strap placed right behind a dog’s front legs.

Thus placement coupled with a strap wrapped around the front area of a dog’s chest makes it hard for a dog to completely extend his forelimbs when walking, running or trotting.

When shoulder movement is limited, this puts a lot of pressure on the dog’s body, which can cause problems later on.

Plus, straps placed this way will rub and chaff behind a front leg, which is very painful and can occur within minutes of walk.

This RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness allows plenty of rooms among a dog’s forelimbs, so dogs are capable to utilize their complete range of motion.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Great design


  • Not quite a super fit for all dogs

Final words

This RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness is a dependable, reliable and stylish harness that should last a good length of time depending on the breed.

It is practically fine for dogs who pull or those you are training not to pull.


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